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This Week in Ballyclabber

Date added: 3 Jun 2018

Tuesday  Pre-Communion

Wednesday  CATCH in Damhead PS

Thursday CATCH in Damhead PS










Sabbath Day Services

Date added: 3 Jun 2018

Rev. James Blair is preaching at 11.30am

Joshua 2

Going Against the Current

1. An Unlikely Follower

2. An Uncommon Faith

3. Practical Lessons


Rev. James Blair is preaching at 7.00pm

2 Peter 3: 10 - 13 

Living in the Light of That Day

1. There is a frightening day to come 

2. How shall we respond

3. Therefore we are looking for the new heaven and new earth



















What is on this Sabbath 3rd June 2018?

Date added: 3 Jun 2018


                    11.00am - Prayer Meeting

                    11.30am - Worship Service

                                 Rev. James Blair

                      6.30pm - Prayer Meeting

                      7.00pm -  Evening  Service 

                               Rev. James Blair

Christianity Explored

Date added: 2 Apr 2017

The Christianity Explored Course last 6 weeks - one night a week lasting about an hour and a half each night. It consists of watching a DVD and asking questions or discussing what you have seen and heard.

You will be made very welcome.

Where is Ballyclabber?

Date added: 1 Jan 2016

Ballyclabber Reformed Presbyterian Church is situated just outside Coleraine in Northern Ireland. It is on the Ballyrashane Road half a mile from the Ballycastle Road Roundabout in the direction of Ballycastle. Address - 35 Ballyrashane Road, Coleraine, BT52 2NL. For a map hit the contact button along the menu line on this page.


Date added: 1 Jan 2016


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