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This Week in Ballyclabber

Date added: 15 Apr 2018

Tuesday   Session Meeting

Wednesday   Womens Fellowship

Thursday  Parents & Toddlers

Thursday  Deacons Meeting









Sabbath Day Services

Date added: 15 Apr 2018

Rev. James Blair  is preaching at 11.30am

Jesus: The Friend of the Fallen - John 21: 1 - 19

1 Peters Failure

2. Peters Foolishness

3. Peters Friend

4. Peters Future

 Rev. James Blair  is  preaching at 7.00pm

9. A Sad Protrait to Study 2 Peter 2: 10b - 22

1. Knowing the shocking characteristics

2. Know the deceptive methods

3. Know the pitiful state














What is on this Sabbath 15th April 2018?

Date added: 15 Apr 2018

                    10.15am - Sabbath School Classes

                    10.15am - Adult Bible Class

                    11.00am - Prayer Meeting

                    11.30am - Worship Service

                                 Rev. James Blair

                      6.30pm - Prayer Meeting

                      7.00pm -  Evening  Service 

                                 Rev. James Blair

Christianity Explored

Date added: 2 Apr 2017

The Christianity Explored Course last 6 weeks - one night a week lasting about an hour and a half each night. It consists of watching a DVD and asking questions or discussing what you have seen and heard.

You will be made very welcome.

Where is Ballyclabber?

Date added: 1 Jan 2016

Ballyclabber Reformed Presbyterian Church is situated just outside Coleraine in Northern Ireland. It is on the Ballyrashane Road half a mile from the Ballycastle Road Roundabout in the direction of Ballycastle. Address - 35 Ballyrashane Road, Coleraine, BT52 2NL. For a map hit the contact button along the menu line on this page.


Date added: 1 Jan 2016


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